Monday, July 28, 2008

Car blues

Have you ever owned a huge massive car? One that you know has to be huge based upon the negative bank account balance every time you fill up the car? But, of course, they don't make cars that seat eight as energy savers. Having the big SUV was really nice at first. We bought the car when we had five children. so we still had one empty seat. An empty seat that in theory could be used to separate arguing children. They soon figured out they could still argue half a car away. They were using there words just like mom said, not their fists. Anyway, I digress. Now the car is completely full. I mean completely. Three car seats, twelve arms, twelve legs, six very verbal mouths (even if it's not actual words that are coming out), 60 fingers, 16 half-read books with torn pages, 26 lost toys, and enough left over fast food wrappers to paper the kitchen. Oh, and of course Heath and I. And when we travel Heath somehow stuffs every last thing we own into the car, because you never know when you may have need for a half broken, never played with, we're not really sure what it is toy.

So we are taking our last vacation in this particular car soon. There will be eight suitcases, two strollers, a travel crib, three car seats, toys, pillows, blankets, two boxes of diapers, a case of wipes, and the eight people all in the car at once. This is why Heath and I opted to travel at night a few years ago. We load up late at night, and everyone sleeps while Dad drives us to our destination. It's great. No one fighting over their territory. No drink mishaps. The only bathroom breaks involve the one adult who can stand to relieve himself, so no incredibly disgusting germs to have to scrub off for the next week. And when the kids start waking up ready for breakfast, we are miraculously a few miles away from our stopping point. Of course, Heath will then sleep for the next six hours, but it works.

But I mentioned that this is the last trip for this car. Not because the car is old and breaking down. No, we soon will have a family so big it will no longer be able to legally ride in the car together. That's right folks. We have maxed out the largest SUVs that are made. So guess what is our next option? You know those scary vans that drive down the road? The ones with no windows that you know have to be doing something illegal? Yeah, that's what we get to look at to drive. Not only drive, I'm going to have to actually pay someone so I can have the pleasure of driving one! Can they make uglier vehicles? Boy I can't wait for the first trip to Wal-Mart in my sporty 12 passenger van. I can see it now. No one will park anywhere near us, and mother's all over the parking lot will be warning their children to never go near a van like that one. Only scary, child-nappers drive vehicles like that. And they are just waiting for you to get close enough to grab. Ugh. Well, I guess if I were to try to look at the bright side, we shouldn't have any of those huge gashes in the side of the car where someone threw their door open and took out the side panel of your door.

So, the hunt begins. Finding an automobile with enough seats for our growing family, space to pack suitcases and such, without it being too terribly ugly and scary. I think we shall call this "Mission Impossible"!