Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time keeps on slippin'

So, when I started this blog a couple of weeks ago, I had full intentions of writing everyday, or every other day. But next thing I know, it's been nearly a week since my last posting. How do people do it? One of my favorite reads is from a mom of six like me, and she posts everyday! And she almost always has a hilarious story to tell. Well, to those who have been waiting on baited breath for my next post, I apologize.

We made it home without any real incident from vacation. Well, if you call the front half of the air conditioner going out again and Heath and I losing 5 pounds in sweat no big deal. The kids were wonderful, and believe it or not, I almost enjoyed the drive home. I did say almost. I just don't understand the thrill of the drive. The thrill of sitting in a confined space, with little to occupy one's self with, for 8 plus hours. It's not my cup of tea.

So we had a pretty restful trip to Heath's parent's place. I've got to thank our friend Kris for the use of their pool. And more importantly, for taking such great pictures, and being kind enough to only take pictures of the pregnant lady while the larger half was covered by gallons of water. As you can see, the kids had a blast. Paulee loved being in the water. I think she drank half of the pool. She frog kicked when held in the water, and had her tongue sticking out the whole time. Of course it was always the person holding her fault when she shoved her head underwater, and came up sputtering and coughing. Boy would she get mad! But no worry, she quickly remembered all the fun of splashing, kicking and playing in the gigantic tub of water! Terry was terrified of the water. We had a life jacket/floating swimsuit we normally kept on him. Didn't matter. He had a death grip on whomever was stupid enough to grab him and make him get in the pool. Eventually, like when there were only two days left of vacation, he was a little more accepting of the pool, but still wouldn't get in without someone helping. At the left here, you can see the little one who caused such heartache. After his incident with the deep end, he choose to not dive or let his head go underwater. But he had lots of fun. He's the first kid I've ever seen that can swim in one place. Not tread water, swim. He would swim for all he was worth, and never move from one spot. Unless he got in the path of the current, then he'd swim backward, sideways, or whichever way the jets pushed him. It was quite cute. Daniel learned to love jumping off the diving board. He would look like he was in slow motion half of the time. He also decided it was difficult to dive how he wanted to with floaties on, but also determined the risk was too great to actually take them off, much to his mom's relief. Jeffie Jean is so close to not needing floaties. I think all that she needs is a little more practice and a touch more confidence. She was all over the place swimming, diving, and having a blast. Malcolm, as I said earlier, has become Mr. Swimmer. He would dive some, but spent most of his time swimming back and forth. His ultimate goal was to touch the bottom at the deepest point. Not quite strong enough to do that just yet. But the highlight was when

Dad let Malc hitch a ride on his back and swim down with him. Malcolm was thrilled.

We are quickly getting the last of our school stuff ready for Thursday. We will begin our first full year of home school. The boys are looking forward to most of the year. Jeffie Jean is not quite as happy as the boys. It hit me the other day that for her, the start of school is going and meeting your teacher, finding out who is going to be in your class, new school clothes, all the social stuff of starting a new year. This just isn't the same. And while getting to learn a whole new curriculum is really a fun thing, it's just not the same. I just keep thinking that she will settle in just fine once we get started.

That's about it from us. I'll try really, really, really hard to be more faithful in my posts.