Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is in the Air!

We are busy putting our Valentine's Day plans into full swing. This is a first for us. My hubby has always been anti V-Day. He has lots of reasons. Refuses to celebrate a martyr's death; doesn't need someone telling him when to tell his wife he loves her; you know, typical stuff. I really haven't minded too much. Just meant I didn't have to worry about the day.

Well, this year I was a little sneaky and used the kids against him. In all reality, I wanted a special day! But since we are now schooling our kids at home, I decided they needed us to acknowledge Valentine's Day. I told Heath all about how they aren't getting to give valentines to friends, or have a party, or any of the things they do in public schools. Hehe. So I've planned a big time special dinner for the family. With candle light and everything. Of course the kids got involved, so as we speak, Heath is at the store picking up all the things they have by conniving behind the scenes to get Mom. We're having soup and grilled cheese sammies for lunch, and of course the sammies are heart shaped. And for dinner, I've put together place card holders that are plastic cups filled with conversation hearts, and topped with a heart shaped sugar cookie with their name on it. Isn't that sweet? And we splurged and bought some shrimp so I could make shrimp scampi for dinner. Now the shrimp was a little pricey, but didn't cost anymore than a trip to Micky D's. So we are having a very fancy dinner, for the fast food price!

For those of you who know me, this is very unusual for me and our family. I'm not the "fancy" kind of person. But we are having so much fun with this! And really feeling like we're a tight-knit, function as a unit, kind of family that we really are. And Heath has really jumped right in and been a part. I worried he'd throw a kink in things, but I shouldn't underestimate him. Just hold on to your hats sweetheart, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner...