Thursday, March 19, 2009

One of these days

I so wish I had a digital camera. I know. For those of you who know me, I have resisted for such a long time. I have clung to my 35mm, "real" film camera for years now. But there are just times that a digital is needed. I get that now. Like tonight when I went to shake up the Parmesan cheese, and it exploded all over little Heath, the table, and the floor. Or the quick shot of Paulee and Terry covered in brightly colored, tiny hair bands that have been glued on with baby lotion. Or Paulee in the bathtub fully dressed, water running, washing herself, and the walls with the washrag. Of course Anderson is always a photo opportunity. He's just so cuddly and chubby.

I could say that I was working on getting a camera. But I have to confess. I spent my savings on a new serger. So, the envelope is empty. I'll just have to start a new collection. Wonder if there is anyone out there that needs a product tester? I have plenty of subjects to practice upon!

So, since I don't have a camera, I do not have any pictures from our zoo trip yesterday. But don't worry; the entire populace of Oklahoma was at the zoo (with the exception of my mom), so just find one of their blogs and you'll get to see our wonderful zoo. It was absolutely crazy! We took our family, Jeffie Jean's best friend, and some youth from church. And the friend's family met us at the zoo. It was wall to wall people. And most were rude! It was all well until someone grabbed Daniel and tried to separate him from our human train so that they could shove their way thru. Let's just say this Mamma Bear raised her hackles and put a stop to that. And also got the lady to stop her foul language as well. What a mess.

We are currently trying to spring clean around here. It's not going too quickly. The laundry room is organized. But that's about the only room that is done. We're going to start painting the rooms in the house, but want everything sorted, cleaned, and organized first. It may be Christmas before the first swab of color goes up. Of course, Paulee and Terry have done a wonderful job of decorating the walls themselves. I have never had a problem with kids writing on walls or anything other than what is appropriate. But these two have changed all that. It doesn't matter where I hide writing implements either! And it's so hard to get on to Paulee Rea. She is so cute concentrating so hard and being so serious as she finishes her masterpiece. Well, not really. I cannot stand writing on walls, shades, doors, floors, couches, beds, desks, window seals, cabinets, counters, or shelves. And it doesn't make it any worse if she uses pencil, pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils, sharpies, or highlighters. It's all really bad! Now to break her of this horrible habit. I'll post pictures as rooms get painted. I'll find a photographer. Having my Dad and Mom visit with their camera is cheaper than buying my own at the moment.

And lastly for today. Pray for my sister-in-law and her husband, Teri Lynne and Scott Underwood. Scott goes in for surgery tomorrow, and it is quite risky. Teri Lynne is having physical issues due to stress and anxiety. We know God is in control, so we appreciate them being bathed in prayer.