Monday, May 4, 2009

This could get scary.

I have entered the world of spring cleaning. With a gentle nudge from my dear sister in law, I am following a plan laid out by a fellow blogger.
simple-mom-spring-cleaning-party It's really not too difficult yet. Today our goal was to declutter all surfaces. I didn't have to clean any of them. Just throw away all the stuff that collects on anything flat. Or put it in a box for a future sale. Or just actually put the stuff away like I should have in the first place. So today I got all the extras that were sitting on top of the books put away and thrown away. The speakers, TV, and windowsill are all DVD, CD, Wii games, and book free. I realized today that I actually have an end table. I just thought the books, magazines, and dinnerware were glued together in some sort of artistic show piece. My bathroom counters are WAY bigger than I imagined. Some smart person figured out to put drawers under the counters, and if you put things in them, you have counter space! And my room is the mother load. We filled two of those commercial sized trash bags that you can fit two grown adults in with trash just from our room. Heath and I both have side tables that are functional again. The copier and table are no longer booby trapped. And I am currently writing to you from a cleared desk. I cannot begin to describe to you the condition it was in, nor the joy of seeing the surface. It's black. I'd forgotten that fact. Now, I did not declutter my kids' rooms. They have no hope. Actually, I'm going to tackle them all on the day(s) set aside specifically for them. And the top of my fridge is still in need of a clean sweep. Don't yell, I'm taking baby steps.

By the end of the day, I had three trash bags, full drawers, and no give away box. That's just sad. We were living in a garbage can! On to the next days. I'll get plenty of stuff to get rid of then. I'll be hyperventilating by that point. Pack rats have serious attachment issues.

P.S. I PROMISE Teri Lynn I will get pictures up of the befores on the kids rooms. I found the camera, charger, but no disk! Even if I have to go borrow a camera, I'll post my pictures. But I have to say, I have Casiday beat. My room is ten times worse!