Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nothin' fancy

Just a couple of pictures of a quick, 15 minute project. I sewed up a receiving blanket Sunday for a dear family and the welcoming of their tenth child. I had a couple of yards of this adorable flannel, and cut it to be 42" long to match the 42" wide it already was. Then I just folded the hem over twice and sewed it all the way around. I like to make boxes in the corners so there isn't any fabric or hems that stand up or flop around. I'll get pictures of what I mean on the other blanket I'll sew together tomorrow. I did do something I've never done before, and that is I used two different colors of thread. Don't get over stimulated or excited now. It took me probably as long to decide to do that as it did to sew this up. I used a cute blue about the color of the cars for the top thread, and a baby green the color of another car for the bobbin thread. I was so excited! Now one of these days I might get totally crazy and use a variegated thread! Or maybe put more than one color in on my serger! That may be awhile seeing that I've never used anything but white on that machine! Change takes time, so we'll take baby step by baby step!