Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twirl Skirts

We have two adorable twins in our church, and they turned four yesterday. So I whipped together two skirts for them to have for the fall. The skirt isn't hard to put together, as long as you are paying attention. I unfortunately was not. I had a few distractions. My nearly two year old daughter Paulee has decided that diapers constrain her, so she takes them off. I know. So I think maybe she'd like to wear underwear, and will potty train really quick. Nope. Doesn't like that either. So I'm trying to sew, and have to clean up two "accidents" within minutes of each other. I just sit back down, when Heath Jr. starts screaming. Seems Terry bit him on the back. Really. What would have possessed him?! I get back to my machine, and sew about three more stitches, and turn to see Paulee walking out of my bathroom covered in toothpaste. She's quite proud, and has removed her diaper again. She decides panties would be okay to wear, and I get her cleaned up, and get back to the skirt. And then hear her scream. She's in my bathroom again, desperately trying to remove the panties. Am I glad I caught her! She pooped in them. Nice. I get that mess cleaned, laundry started, and back to the machine to finish. I head to the ironing board to press my seams to realize I sewed the ruffle on inside out. No, wait. SERGED the ruffle on inside out. This is after the gather stitches broke. TWICE! I'm glad I love those little girls, or this would have been one project that would have been a total waste of money, as it would have landed in the trash bin!

But once I got everything sewed together, in the correct direction, they turned out adorable! I figured these would last them through the fall, and could be something that they can wear to preschool as well. I didn't get pictures at the party. One of the girls put hers on for a while and discovered the twirling capabilities. But it was such a whirlwind of tissue paper and ribbons that I didn't get a picture snapped before she had it off so she could try on some dress up clothes. I do love this pattern, and plan on sewing lots more. Just have to give myself a few days break from it. I still growl every time I see the material! And since you can't see the detail of the material, I included a close up. I found this at Joann's from the Heidi Grace collection. It is just meant for little girls dresses and clothes!