Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More twirly-ness

I am so behind on all my blogging. But then again, if I really thought about it, I'm sure I'm behind in all sorts of areas. But we are not going to go there, or discuss that nonsense. So I am quickly going to post pictures of the latest skirts I made for some family members. Heath's Aunt Judy asked me if I would make some for her three granddaughters who live in South Carolina where their Daddy is stationed.

And so I asked for measurements and any color preferences. The oldest decided her favorite color was green (not hard for a Christmas skirt), the seconded loves blue (once again, pretty simple for Christmas), and the youngest's favorite color was yellow. YELLOW? Wow, what a tall order. I also had asked if there was a seconded fave, and the colors went like this: camo, camo, pink. But Mom and Grandma vetoed the camo, so off to the store I went.

And these are what were churned out from my machine. I love making twirl skirts. Really. There is just so much joy and happiness! And these were just so cute! Green being my favorite color, I'm a little partial to Abby's skirt. But my Mom loves snowmen, so Annie's has a special place in my heart. And being able to put together a yellow Christmas skirt makes Colleen's skirt very dear to me. So yeah, I dare you. Pick you favorite!