Friday, November 5, 2010

November 4th

I'm a day late. Again. But I had a legitimate excuse. I promise.

Yesterday we had to quickly rearrange schedules and such so Heath could get to the hospital where his Grandmother is. She has a host of medical issues going on right now, and he felt the need to be by her side. And I was more than happy to help arrange everything so he could.

So I was thankful yesterday for flexibility. One might not think that is a worthy offering, but it really is. Ever know someone who wasn't willing to deviate from the schedule? To roll with the punches? To give grace, and be understanding? When we received word from Heath's family, I had 36 cookies cooling, a cake in the oven, cookie dough in the freezer, and mounds of laundry. After some quick phone calls, the cookies went into the freezer for another event. Two ladies from the church are cooking a couple of extra pies today for my contribution to the community fire department dinner. The cake was quickly decorated and delivered a day early. The dough will still be there next week to make cookies. And laundry travels. And my parents have huge, front loading machines. And the clothes are getting clean, quick. And speaking of them. They graciously let us invade their home a day early. Made room for everyone. Changed their routines around so we could be here. Stepped over sleeping bodies and played musical chairs with the vehicles this morning. See, there is something to being flexible. And I'm so grateful I know people who are willing to roll with the punches.