Friday, April 8, 2011

Belated Birthday

We recently celebrated another birthday in our house. You would think that by now, I would be used to it. We have one nearly every month! But each time they come, I seem to be taken by surprise, and feel a little betrayed by time.

This past month, on March 28th, we celebrated the birth of our third child. The second born son. He came into this world with a doctor cheerleading his presence. I'll never forget seeing this monstrous man jumping up and down exclaiming for all to hear that we were the new parents of a huge baby boy. They handed that babe to me, and he was the tiniest thing I had ever seen. Literally. And I was mesmerized.

This little boy has continued to mesmerize me. He is the one that has flown from the porch, jumped off the chest of drawers to the awaiting (bouncy) horse, and made the bunk beds into the ultimate trampoline. We have had his head sewn or glued back together twice, stapled once, and had his hand burned earning him the nickname of Sock Boy. And often I look at his sleeping form and ask God "Why? Why me?"

Not because he exasperates me, all though sometimes that happens. Not because I can't handle it, though often I wonder. But because this child is SO different from me. He is fearless (but is terrified of flying bugs), he is artistic, creative, imaginative, filled with stories. He would give you his most prized possession if it would make you smile, and doesn't understand greed. He is the most unselfish child I have known. He has a dry sense of humor, and a VERY quick wit. Loves to read, and cares about the world around him. He marches to his own drum, and never hears insults that are directed at him.

This son of mine continues to mesmerize me each and every day. And I am SO thankful God blessed me with him. Happy 10th Birthday, Daniel McKaskle!