Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can it really be time for her birthday again?!

It wasn't long ago, we were rushing to the hospital for the birth of this child. Not because I was in labor, but because there had been a mix up with the hospital and my induction. So instead of a Monday morning delivery, they were fitting me in the Friday before.  I was clueless as to the gender of the baby, so when the final push came, and the sweet cry of life sounded, I was shocked to hear, "It's a girl!" I asked my doctor "are you sure" three times. And from his laughing, and my husband vigorous nodding, I accepted it. We had four boys at that time, and only one girl.  Later when I called my older daughter, she said, "I've waited my whole LIFE for this!". She was only seven, but that was an eternity for her.

The next year, she was walking, laughing and singing through her days.  Her favorite playmate was her older brother by 14 months.  But at a year old, what could she really get into?  She had been named for my Grandmother who had died the year she was born, and I thought was carrying the name well.

Then came year two.  Whew. This child morphed into a handful!  She was VERY verbal, and actually had an opinion.  She wanted things her way, and she wanted them that way yesterday.  She was passionate and emotional.  Often times she struggled with how to control her emotions, and seemed betrayed by her own feelings.  The "terrible twos" were among us, but I was worried. Three was always worse for our kids.

Then the day came she turned three. "Two-lie, two-seven".  And a calm came over the house. She wasn't as pushy and seemed to be able to deal with not getting her way.  Discipline and guidance weren't such a struggle, and the sun seemed to shine.  Then the year wore on.  And it was much like the second year, only bigger.

Today, this girl turns four.  She is not the baby girl anymore, for she has a younger sister. Yet she is not a big girl yet because big girls have to make the beds by themselves and she doesn't want to.  So she is the self-proclaimed little girl.  And she is still as passionate now, as she was on day one.  She knows what she wants, and doesn't want to deviate from her plan.  She has the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows.  Her smile will light up the house, and her pout makes the walls shake.  This child is willing to die on every hill, for good or bad.  She dances, hops, laughs, sings, and talks her way through the entire day, and I can't make it without a tight hug from her, and a kiss on the cheek.

I have learned a few things from this child:
*Life should be enjoyed.
*It's always a good time to sing a song.
*Putting on lip gloss always makes you feel better after a good cry.
*Sometimes, a fit is just in order.
*Always end the day with a fierce hug, and a soft kiss.
*Say "I love you" often
*Never say anything hateful, even if you are really mad.
*Be willing to die for something. Just be sure it's worth it.
*Never forget who your family is. They are your favorite people.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Paulee Rea!  I love you more today than I did yesterday!