Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scissors and Little Boys

Perfect shoes
My sweet Anderson has the most adorable hair. It is a gorgeous color. And it hangs so perfect. I love watching it flop and fly when he runs and plays. That is until this week.

"Reading his Bible"
This week, he cut it. Not once. Or even twice. But three times that boy found the hidden scissors and cut his hair. And after the third cut, I couldn't just trim it and hit his work. I had to drastically cut his hair. And while I cut last night, with trembling hand, and teary eyes, the child fell asleep. It was quite the experience to cut a little boy's hair who was soundly sleeping in the chair.

I think, however, that he is more adorable now than ever before. And this is the perfect look for the soon to be three year old child.