Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Packing ~ Day 3

My brother-in-law apparently said the other day there are three steps in packing.
     #1~Keep it and pack it
     #2~Do I really need this?
     #3~Throw it all out!!!

I'm not quite sure I am at the point I want to throw it all out, but I am already tired of the process.  I am worn out, can't seem to make the decisions required of me, and just want it all to be done.  But, we have had great help, and are making good progress.  Today we have 51 boxes ready to go as of this moment, and we are seeing some rooms become really bare. 

I have received many phone calls and some visits from friends.  Expecting a few more these next couple of days, and am going to get a few hours children free on Friday. 

I have been struggling with some sewing decisions.  As most of my avid readers will remember, I make Christmas pajamas every year for my kids.  It's a really big deal.  With Heath not having a new job yet, and all the transitions going on, I was resigned to not making them this year. It was just not going to be feasible to purchase that much fabric.  I really debated too.  It was going to be such a different holiday for us all.  And then a dear friend from the community showed up on my door step this afternoon with a 15 yard bolt of Christmas flannel she knew I had my eye on for this year's pjs.  I was just overwhelmed by her generosity and graciousness.  And amazed again by God.  He IS there with us.  I know yes, He is guiding our steps, calling us to this move, and will provide for us.  But God cares for the little things too.  In the grand scheme of things, this flannel is a pretty small issue. But my God cares for me, and met this desire of my heart.  This will always be a treasure to remember when we look back to this Christmas.

I had one other teary eyed moment. It is probably the hardest I fought to control my emotions.  My brother rounded up the chickens today, and took them to his place.  I really thought it stupid to cry over chickens leaving, but these were the product of a childhood dream.  One that connected me to my dear Grandmother. It almost got the best of me.  But, we will be living close to my brother for the time being, so I can go visit them any time I want.  And Thomas will bring me eggs, so I have no need for worries or distress.  It's a far better idea than my 8 year old who offered, "we could butcher them this week if that solves the problem".

When I wed Heath 15 years ago this night, this was not how we envisioned our anniversary.  But we did dream of doing God's work, and following His plan, so I suppose we are just where we thought we would be.