Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Packing~Day 2

We are still plugging away at this whole packing thing.  And I use the word we fairly loosely. Because I really haven't packed a single box. I have sorted toys, been the gopher, ran errands, cooked the meals, and made difficult decisions as to what to keep, store, toss, or donate.  While it sounds as if I have the easy job, my husband is quite thankful I'm not actually packing the boxes.  I'm just not the organizer.  It would take 6 U-Haul trucks if I packed us, and only 1 with Heath being the packer. 

We are up to 32 boxes. The boys' room is sorted, packed, and all done except for the stuff we have to have the next few days. The girls' room should be finished tomorrow. The kitchen has been started, and most of the breakable dishes are packed.  It still looks like an thrift store storeroom around here, but Heath says there is big progress. I think he is getting into the groove, and is feeling the ball rolling.

I had one small, sad moment today. No tears or anything, but I did pause for a moment at Wal-Mart. They have most of their Christmas stuff out, and that was bittersweet. Heath and I love to go aisle shopping every year and ooh and ah over the new stuff.  And I realized that this year, I most likely will not be decorating my own house.  That has been a treasured tradition between Heath and I.  In fact, we were married 15 years ago tomorrow, and the first thing we did when we came home from our honeymoon, was buy our tree and decorate the apartment for Christmas.  But this year, we will probably be staying with my Mom and Dad, and can decorate her 9 foot tree.  That should be just the fix I need!

And, to surprise me, Heath brought me flowers, candy, and a card a day early!  I sure do love that man!