Friday, November 4, 2011


Short and sweet tonight.  The trailers are coming tomorrow, and we have been busting out all that we can.

The box count is 742, 849 127 and counting.  There are still some critical things that need to be ready tomorrow, but it will get done. 

The wattage on my smile dimmed a little today. I'm having a few space issues. I can't find any place to hide. I'm beginning to process that a long list of good-byes are coming up this weekend, and I'm not ready.  Nor am I quite ready to say good-bye to this house. Two of my babies have been born to us while here, and we have four years worth of memories.  I think my happy exterior may have a small crack in it.

But, thankfully, I don't have to rely on my armor. I can put on God's armor. Put on His yoke, rest in His grace.  Have no fear, because His love is perfect. Yesterday, I went and found a quiet place in my van and sat there for a short while and spent time resting in God.  No talking, no whining, no worrying, just rest.  God is leading us down a beautiful path, and an exciting adventure. I will sit back and enjoy what He has planned.