Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have been absent lately.  Absent from this blog, and other things in my life.  Other than the occasional menu post or review, I just haven't been writing.  It has just been too hard, and I haven't had the gumption.

You see, we are a little topsy-turvy in our life right now.  Slightly over six months ago, God called us from the church He had led us to 4 years ago.  We packed up our entire life and moved home.  My parents, being the gracious people that they are, opened their home to us, and now 12 people are living under this one roof.

God saw fit to open a job up for Heath almost immediately.  The temporary holiday job has turned into a store manager position of a retail men's clothing store.  It seems far from the calling on our lives, but God is in control.  Heath works hard, and honors God with his diligence. 

Most days are spent juggling schedules, vehicles (we only had one until a few days ago), and routines.  Heath is only home 2 days a week, and usually gone before the kids are up and home after they are in bed. School has been sporadic, but is slowly evening out.  There is a constant need to pick up clutter and messes.  It just gets a little crowded if you let the piles of stuff stay more than a few hours.  There doesn't seem to be any down time, but that just keeps us working diligently unto the Lord, right?

There have been moments of stress, and a few meltdowns (we won't mention the names), but since faith is what pleases God (Hebrews 11:6), we carry on.  In fact, it is because of the faith given us by God we can carry on.  I will be honest, it isn't always easy.  In fact, there are times I just don't want to do what is right.  So I put my trust in the God of the Universe, and follow.

Join me over the next few posts as I share specifically how we are carrying on.  In our home, our school, our yard, my kitchen, and my craft room, I'll share how we are surviving, and how we are stepping it up to thriving!