Friday, September 14, 2012

What I learned the first week of school.

This week, we started our first week of school for the new school year.  It has been quite the adventure, with so many twists and turns. And while I am not proud of many of my moments, I was able to make it through the process with a new perspective, and have grown along the way.  I also have a few tidbits of truth to share.

#1. You are never prepared. I know this because, I prepped ALL summer, yet Sunday night was a basket case because I came up with at least a thousand more things I had to do before Monday morning. I was stressing out!! And might have found some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (that I SO should not have had) to help me through the evening. I was pretty sure, I was going to throw up before the next morning.

#2. Staying up late is bad. No really. For me, for the kids. It's just plain bad.  Making the kids stay up until 10 to finish Latin is NOT going to instill a love of the language, or for that matter,  really help your position in their heart either.  I proved my point. But then had to deal with crankies the entire next day. We won't say who was cranky, or mention the tears. *ahem

#3. Attitude reflects leadership. I gave a big thumbs up when that line was stated in "Remember the Titans". Now I am frowning and grumbling. 'Cause I am the leadership. Adulthood. Sometimes it stinks. However, I found out that if you throw a fit, you don't feel near as good afterwards as you thought you should. Don't ask how I know.

#4. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Our first two days of school were just plain rotten.  I am talking, we don't speak of them; I am trying to blot them from my memory.  We were rushed, had other appointments to keep, and the goofy teacher tried to get too much done for the first days back.  But each day, we got back on the proverbial horse, and went after it again. And by Friday?  We were smoothly finding a routine, getting things completed, and ENJOYING it. The lesson of perseverance that ole turtle teaches is really true!

#5. Usually, it's not the lessons that are most memorable. From everything that went on this week, we are not going to remember each lesson, each assignment. I'd like to say they will never forget what was taught, but ask me specifics about any grades first week of school, and I will stutter and stammer trying to recall. But we will remember two lost teeth, the feeling of accomplishment in tying ones shoe for the first time. The sense of self-worth when chores are completed, and the shared secrets as we giggle behind books and papers.

We have had better first weeks over the last 5 years, but this one is extra special. It began in a new chapter in our lives, a new house, a new beginning.  We are still trying to define who we are in this new direction, but we are doing it together.  It isn't all roses, life is ugly. But together, we are striving to etch out beautiful spots to remember, together with God.