Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday Parties

So we attended a birthday party for Jeffie Jean's best friend/twin today, at a little place made up like a doll house. I don't know who had more fun. Jeffie, her friend, or Paulee. So here are some numbers for you from the day.
60 - minutes early we were, since Jeffie Jean lost the invitation and got the time wrong
36 - bobby pins used to make Jeffie Jean's princess bun
5 - little girls who were very tired, and extremely excited when we ran into each other afterwards at the local JoAnn's.
1,687,942,386 - pieces of glitter from Jeffie's eyes, fingernails, and hair I have found so far all over my car, couch, floor, blanket,....the list goes on forever. I'll spare you.

Jeffie Jean really enjoyed all the primping and pampering. They got to get up on a runway and do a fashion show, and then do a dance routine to of course a High School Musical 2 song. Jeffie was nearly in heaven. Paulee decided the dancing was way to much fun. And as usual, she just about stole the show. But, when you are that cute you just can't help yourself. And then as I said earlier, we drove over to JoAnn's and had a blast looking at fabric and patterns. I can't wait to get the new stuff sew so I can show all what we put together. That's been about it for today. Definitely a girly day!