Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's love

So, am I really strange that I get so excited and pumped up over a new sewing project? I dream in fabric patterns and color lately, with scissors, and needles, and dresses twirling about the room. I think I've just come up with the next Fantasia song. Oh the joy of sitting in a fabric store looking at countless stacks of pattern books. Walking up and down all the aisles of fabric, soaking in the colors, the feel of the fabric, and yes, even the sound and smell. I think fabric selection is my favorite part. It can make or break a pattern. The hunt for the perfect yardage, it's intoxicating! But the fun hasn't stopped yet! Oh, no. You then get to come home and cut out the pattern pieces. This is a great project to do while watching TV after the kids are in bed. Trust me, don't try this with a one and two year old still awake. It's not pretty. I have heard that I am a really big nerd, because I cut out every piece that comes in a pattern set. Just the other day, I got out a pattern I haven't used in a couple of years, and I had to stop and cut out pieces. That was very aggravating! I was ready to begin the next step, but no, had to go back to the beginning and cut out pieces. Trust me, it's worth it to cut them all out to start. Back to my bliss. Putting the pattern piece and the fabric together and cutting out the shapes of a finished product. So very nice. Then comes the best part. Sitting down with the machine. It really becomes like a friend. The first one you ever own will always have a special place in your heart. And no matter how up-to-date you may get in machines, you will always pull out the first one, talk with it like a dear friend (since it is), and sew with it on occasion just to remember the sounds and the feel of it. And don't get me started on getting to go back and use a different generations machine. Just thinking about and my tears start falling. I can hear the rattle my Mom's makes, smell the special something about my Grandma's. I guess it's because my machine becomes an extension of me. My thoughts, creativity, my love for all those for which I have ever created. And my Mom's and Grandma's are/were the same just for them. Anyway, I'm just being a little nostalgic tonight. Better get back to that pattern piece cutting so I can get on with this seemingly magical process!