Friday, September 19, 2008

It's official.

Well, she finally did it. Paulee decided to take a couple of steps the other day. Of course it was totally on her own terms. You know those commercials you see of two parents sitting in the floor, baby standing between them, being encouraged, and she finally takes those couple of steps to one of the parents? Everybody is so excited, the mom cries. You know. Hallmark stuff. Not this Buster baby. She was standing up at the end table, and actually looked around the room to see that no one was looking. Lucky for me, I'm just as tricky as she. Then she just let go, and walked across to the other couch, for a grand total of six whole steps. Of course we tried to get her to repeat it, but that was a futile exercise. She took one step when trying to get her Dad's cell phone back, but then plopped down on the floor and screamed so loud, it made the dogs outside howl. So much for trying the reward system.

In other news, Heath is now "a dolt. 'Cause you know Mom, I turned five, so I can't be a kid anymore." It thrills me to know his opinion of adults. Makes me think of the Smothers Brothers and their less-ons and more-ons.

I am thrilled to be going to my niece's third birthday party tomorrow. I cannot wait. One of these days, we're going to have her and Daniel collaborate on a book together. It should prove to be the funniest, most imaginative story to ever be written. The other day I was being silly and stuck my lip out to pout. "Aunt Beff. Don't do that. Bird gonna poop on your lip." She is very fascinated by my incredibly expanding stomach. She talks to it almost as much as Daniel. They just found out a week ago or so that Darcy and Thomas are expecting. YEAH!!! Anyway, Caydence is thrilled. She's going to be a big sister. And her Mommy is going to have a baby girl, which Caydence is going to name Darcy. She's leaving it up to me to have the boy. Anyway, I have pictures of her birthday present, but I will wait until after tomorrow, just in case Darcy stops by to read this.

I hear no noise in my house, so I'd better go find out what mishap is occurring this hour!