Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Skills

Don't call me old! 'Cause I just learned a new trick!! My 11 year old, Jeffie Jean has been practicing crocheting for months now. She has a book that was given to her by her piano teacher. That story is pretty funny. Mrs. Brown, the piano teacher, has been telling friends and all about a student that loves to do handwork. So one of the friends has a thrift store, and collects stuff for Jeffie Jean and sends it to her every few months. One of the treasures was an old Reader's Digest book about everything needlework. It's older than I am! But, Jeffie has been working away. She has taught herself simple knitting stitches, and crochet stitches. So with her help, the book, and some You Tube, I learned some crochet techniques too!

My first crocheted project.

A simple chain band.

Resin button center

 Sweet baby

All one piece

One more view

I just can't quit posting her picture!