Thursday, January 19, 2012

The boy.

I know I have written about Malcolm often. I promise it's not a favorite thing. I will however admit it is a first born thing. There is such a learning curve with him. There are always new firsts, often I am scrambling to evaluate, and to top it off, he is a boy. And that just overwhelms me at times. So I share things about him here. It helps me process, and gives someone the chance to offer me some sound advice. Or at least commiserate with me.

This is the boy I call my Man Child. Malcolm is 13 years old, and already far taller than me. He was hoping to be taller than his father by the new year, but just made it to the same height. His feet look like they belong to a full grown man, but he still has that boyish smile. He enjoys having younger siblings because that means he can still watch cartoons without embarrassment, and at the same time, raids his Grandfather's library of history and science books. These are those awkward years of the in between. And mostly, he is handling it all with grace and dignity. There are moments, however, that the dam breaks and the emotions run raw. It is in those times I am so lost.

So, we started a blog for him. He isn't a feeling kind of guy. He won't spill his guts. But it is a place for him to understand himself. For now, he is writing most of his school essays there. Giving some opinions on art. And the goal is for him to begin growing. As a writer, as a person. Being able to fit into those big shoes. To understand himself, and the people around him. So join the Son of the Preacher Man. It is a hard journey growing up, and he is just beginning. And join this Momma in prayer. For him, and for herself!