Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Now?

We watched the storm coverage, our eyes glued to the television screen. 

We heard the sirens wind up, shouting their cries for all to hear. 

We could smell the fear of the men and women chasing these storms as they became nearly speechless; recovering quick enough to yell their desperate warnings.

We felt the change in the wind, knowing that was not a good sign.

We tasted the salty tears as they fell; heart broken and devastated as the video still rolled.

Today we wake up and ask,
"What now?"

We pray for parents who now have to bury their children.

We ache for parents who are still are waiting to reconnect with their children; to feel, smell, and never let go of that child. 

We tell of the heroes of the day; no one was caped, just teachers who laid down their lives to protect the tiny souls of their students.

We hurt for the first responders; the ones who are digging out the victims so families can say good bye with dignity.

We look for ways to minister, and work with churches and pastors and other organizations who will counsel the broken and the hurting.  

We hear the plea to help, taking the very clothes off our backs if that is what is needed.

We thank the Lord for those who will give a bottle of water unto the least of these; wiping away a tear, and reminding us all that love still wins.

  "And we ask the Lord to continue to bring to mind these people who have lost so much in the days and weeks and months to come … the devastation and shock will give way to grieving and learning to live in the new normal." ~Teri Lynne Underwood

What do I do now? I keep things normal for my children; basking in the mundane tasks that now seem oh so special. I say yes a little more often, I never miss the opportunity to hug, kiss, and reaffirm. 

Lord~ There are not words to express our sorrow and confusion.  I rejoice the the Spirit you gave us that is interceding.  For He knows our hearts, and expresses our aches to you in a way we never could. Press your peace and comfort upon us...

For those who would like to help, there are multiple organizations to which you can donate. Please consider the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief, The American Red Cross, or Samaritan's Purse. It is all greatly appreciated.