Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why is Today So Special?

Yesterday, I asked Anderson if he knew why November 14th was so special. He had no idea. So, I set him on the couch with me and told him this story:

There once was a Mommy and Daddy who waited a very long time for a special little boy. They had prayed over him, and God was going to bless this Mommy and Daddy soon. And on November 14th, this little boy was born.  He was a beautiful baby boy. And everyone was so excited to finally see him! The Mommy and Daddy wrapped him in a blanket so he would stay warm, and put a little hat on his head to protect him. They held him for hours, and just stared at his little face in wonder. Their hearts grew so big with the love they had for him! The Daddy looked at the Mommy and asked her what she thought they should name him. The Mommy looked at his face and smiled, and said, "I believe his name should be Anderson Dean". And that was what he was named.

And at that moment, Anderson sucked all the air out of the room and looked at me with big crocodile tears in his eyes and whispered, "That's ME! Mommy, you loved me so much! I just didn't know how special I really was".

My friends, take the time to tell your babies what they mean to you. Tell them often. Tell others of your child's specialness in front of your child. Remember, they are special, not because of what they can do. But because they are a gift to you. Whether this child is your only one, you spent years trying to have a child, or like this guy, he is the seventh one, each is EXTREMELY important. The most precious gift you have. Our children yearn to know of our deep abounding love, and it is honey to their souls to have their parents speak those words of affirmation over them.

Happy Birthday, my precious boy. Today you are five; a whole hand old. You have a life about you that amazes me. You abound with energy, yet need the security of the adults in your life assuring you along the way. Your heart is to look after your sisters or those smaller than you. You play hard, love hard. You live your life, all the ups and downs, with a passion that knows no bounds. And yes, child, I prayed for you. I wanted you. And I have spent everyday rejoicing God saw fit to bless me with you. I love you Anderson Dean Buster!