Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4- Malcolm's Favorite Game

And now, we move into the children's favorite games section.  This is my favorite part of the 31 Days of Family Games.  When I polled the kids, there was great angst among them when I said there could only be one favorite. I thought Malcolm was going to come undone. But at long last, he has chosen his top game. I will be sure to let you know along the way what games were all vying for this spot.

Malcolm's favorite game, The Lord of the Rings,  was received as a birthday present last year. And for those of you with older boys, this will be one to add to the Christmas wish list. It took him a couple of days of reading the rules to sort of grasp the concept of the game. This is one of those games that is going to take a while to fully learn. After a round or two, most people will have gotten the rules for the most part, and won't have to consult the rulebook as often. It will, however, still require some attention to detail to master. Also, the game (Sauron) usually seems to win. In my book, that's a plus since it makes the rare wins all the more meaningful.

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It is listed for players ages 12 and up. And for up to five players. Our nine year old played with his brothers and Dad, but this age listing is pretty spot on. It is an intense game of strategy, cooperation, and even some luck.  All of it taking place on FIVE different boards! I know this is a list of FAMILY games, but I will be honest, I have not played it yet.  However, I have watched, and have listened to all the post game reports, and I am worn out just by that!  And since a win is rare, the excitement over the "almosts", and "next times" is really just a great bonding experience. I especially love watching the excitement in Malcolm and his Dad's eyes as they are dissecting the last game played.  And watch out for when you do get a win! Trust me, the entire neighborhood will hear about it!

Join us tomorrow as we get a look at one of our girl's favorite game!