Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3- Momma's Favorite Game

Welcome back to our 31 days of Family Games journey. Today we visit my favorite game.  I have been playing board games for as long as I can remember anything! It's just something my family did, with many happy memories.  And most of all the family board games were stored on the top shelf of my closet, so I was always wanting to play something new. I found ways to rope my little brother into playing a game with me. Usually for a price. He wasn't much of a game player. Probably because he lost all the time. So in order to get him to play a game with me, I would have to bargain all sorts of time playing with his Justice League Heroes or something like that to get him to play a board game with me.

One game that would have me spending whole weekends playing with Flash, Wonder Women, and The Penguin, was the game of Clue. Oh how I loved that game! And still do! I love the little pencils you use to mark your clues. The names of the characters. Who is a Miss Scarlet fan like me? I particularly love being able to play nearly the whole game without rolling the dice. And trying to learn "whodunit", while trying to guess what your opponents know, and still keeping them in the dark about what you know. Whew. It is just a jumble of intrigue and fun!
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The recommended ages for this game is 8 and up.  We have played it with our seven year old once, but it really was a little beyond him. It also says 3-6 players. My brother and I played it all the time as kids. And when we were newlyweds, just Heath and I.  Since we have more players than characters for the game these days, we will pair up a little with a big so they can still be a part of game time, and learn how to play as well.

So, how many of you remember this game? Do you have a favorite character? Anytime you are in the area, hit me up. I am always ready for a game of Clue. Just come prepared to lose!