Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Menus for April 14-27

 I realize I am a day late, but I did want to be sure to get our menus shared. Part of getting food costs under control is having a menu. Once you know what is for dinner, you know what to buy. You are less likely to overbuy, have to visit the store multiple times for extra purchases, or most tempting, just eat out. Take 30 minutes and come up with 14+ meal ideas and write them down. Once you have that done, then you can plan them out with your family's schedule. Homemade lasagna isn't going to get done the night you have baseball practice, choir rehearsal, piano lessons, and a dentist appointment. That day, you need a crock pot meal!  And when you know what meals you will actually be needing, then you can write out a grocery list. The grocery list takes a little longer to do, but so worth the time. And make it a family project. Send kids to retrieve cookbooks, to look in cupboards for extra canned corns, or to get a count as to how much beef is left in the freezer. Soon, you will begin to see your food costs diminish, and much more healthy dinners at your table. And the frazzled, stressed out Mom?  Well, I can't get rid of her. But I can make dinner time much more smooth with having a plan!

What we will be eating the next two weeks

So, what will you be having for dinner this week?